It’s always difficult when you have to say something about yourself. You are so used to having to answer to this with a pile of bullshit that at the end you end up not really knowing where to start from.

If this was a job interview, I would have to say how hard-working, enthusiast, lively and friendly I am, which is not true.

If this was a date, I would have to say how funny and perfect and smart and reliable I am, which is also not true

If this was a chat with a friend, well, it would depend if I was in open mood or in closed-as-a-clam mood, but I would probably just avoid the subject, as I don’t really like to talk about myself. And this is also not really true. Well, not completely.

So, at the end, when you have to say who you are, it always comes down to which version adjusts best to what your “audience” is. And since none of your versions is the complete truth and your audience is also not giving you a completely true version of themselves, my conclusion is that everything is relative.

Yes, I am a relativist. Probably that is the word that describes me best. I always see the many different sides of all, I always think reality probably lies somewhere between one side and the other.

So when I write about how I feel when I travel (or not) I don’t write about how cool it is to be on holidays, because that’s a given; instead, I write about all those other feelings I have when confronted to other realities.

But don’t take me wrong: I am a tourist. I don’t pretend to be an explorer/traveller/adventurer… whatever… I am a tourist and my main objective is to see nice places, try good food and enjoy my travels. But I also like to reflect on the things I see. So don’t expect data and historical figures, you will not find that here, especially with my goldfish memory, I am just about catching a moment and the thoughts that went through my head. I do that much better with pictures than with plain words. So that’s what I do.

You can check the pictures from my other trips on my Instagram or Flickr feeds.



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