Hundreds of people, they all know each other, they wave at each other, they laugh, they chat loudly. Much like any other social gathering, but they are not here just for the party, all that will come later.

Gradually, the noise gives way to a tense rustling, groups break, colors begin to appear more clearly: the blue team, the orange team. They take their positions, carefully chosen, it doesn’t matter if you’re the one on top, you just need to know that, without you, the rest cannot succeed.

Once the grounds are settled, like a tightly knitted net of arms and shoulders, it’s the moment to build the tower, to aim for glory. As it grows higher, you can feel the weight on their shoulders, their determined looks, the gritting teeth, the incontrollable shaking of their bodies. But they keep holding up, if they all do it together, they will make it.



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